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We help you understand your potential and develop a strategy for configuration in the digital age

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HoegEye is your independent expert in configuration strategies and solutions with deep knowledge of research, technology, leadership and best practices.  HoegEye builds on extensive experience from both successful and problematic projects with global leading enterprises over the last 14 years.

The digital age brings more digital features into our products blurring  the distinction between physical and digital product interaction.

As products grow more feature-rich and software enabled, product modeling becomes a strategic capability and must change from isolated efforts into an overarching concept called “The Modeling Enterprise”.

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Getting Started Packages


This engagement provides an analysis of existing skills, processes, systems and configuration challenges across development, design, sales, manufacturing and customer/product interactions. The engagement reveals specific challenges in systems and processes, identifies strengths and weaknesses and suggests relevant solutions and configuration initiatives.

HoegEye offers your team a compact introduction to modeling and configuration with the 1-day primer course “Your Digital DNA”.

We also offer “Configuration Assessment” to provide you with a solid foundation for your configuration strategy. Read more about the Configuration Assessment and Digital Product DNA packages below or contact HoegEye to discuss your requirements.


This compact 1-day course explains the role of product modeling and configuration in the digital age. It positions configuration technologies and application areas, explains CLM and how the Digital Product DNA is essential for your future product platforms. The course provides a best practices checklist, a benchmarking tool and a strategy process.

Identify Strengths

Create the winning configuration strategy


Pinpoint the flaws and solutions for your configuration projects


Find and enable resources in your organization and get the right external help

Take Initiative

Participate in cross functional workshops to identify and prioritize the most valuable configuration initiatives


Get your team on board solid, funded and focused initiatives with clear and measurable objectives


Compete to Win

Draft the best players for your team and make sure that you include, motivate and enable the right employees, partners, customers  and technologies


Set meassurable and sustainable goals for your victories

HoegEye Helps

HoegEye helps you with drafting, training, coaching, workshops, marathon sessions, communication and alignment


HoegEye helps you develop your strengths with winning initiatives for your complex products

We can help you

HoegEye helps you succeed with configuration. Using insight from research, a long llist of configuration projects and the latest technologies we help you spot the right next initiative whether it is a new innovative move, getting a project back in line, creating your strategy for configuration or finding the right resources to help you succeed.

HoegEye provides analysis, training, workshops, focused solution marathons and turn-key three month initiatives to win with your next move for your complex products

HoegEye focuses on winning sales initiatives but with cross functional teams to ensure solutions that create sustained competitive advantages throughout the configuration lifecycle

Learn and Discover

Get your facts straight about configuration. Learn about product modeling and understand different modeling approaches and available technologies. Many projects suffer from a skewed emphasis on a particular tool or vendor technology.

The root to success lies in understanding and unlocking the potential of your great products and this responsibility lies entirely within your organization. 

You cannot outsource your product and business insights and we help your organization discover new and better ways to get your configurable products to the customer.

Learn about Configuration Lifecycle Management and avoid typical pitfalls where product modelers become bottlenecks that delay time-to-market for products, features and prices or introduce sources of error because of conflicting definitions of configuration master data.

Understand how to leverage data-driven and cross functional modeling and how to successfully handle configuration processes across PLM, ERP and sales systems without launching year-long projects and introducing a configuration behemoth.


The moment you operate with a complex product that can be configured to meet different specific customer requirements you discover that you no longer sell a product  - you sell the promise of a product. You also discover that consumers love browsing but hate complexity while professionals need complexity and hates browsing.

How best to expose your promise of a product varies greatly from B2B to B2C (or B2B2C for that matter). The cost of working with the promise of a product and not a standard product is the following equation:

Cost (promise) = Risk (error) x Effort (mitigate)     

To your company, strong configuration management translates into lower risk of failing your product promise and a lower effort to mitigate this risk.  With efforts and cost reduced, strong configuration management ultimately means increased profitability and shorter time-to-market for your product promise.

To your business partners and customers, your strong configuration management translates into a reduced risk of making the wrong choice and faster time-to-value for their investment which ultimately increases your customer loyalty.

IoT is impacting all product development. It accelerates the pace of innovation and the rate of new features and options to include with our products.

This megatrend compounds the need for configuration and has spawned a new consideration for IocT – Internet of configurable Things.  This brings “late configuration” (configuration after the initial deployment of the product) more and more into focus. Consumers are getting used to frequent updates and improvements to cell phones, computers and even cars and now the same pattern is emerging in industrial applications.

These factors combine to make Configuration Lifecycle Management and configuration capabilities essential.

Determine your configuration strategy



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